Coverage of gun-related deaths by popular media outlets largely focuses on nationally important stories involving unusual situations, such as a mass shooting or premeditated murder of a police officer. In a nation witnessing a vast number of firearm homicides each year, another gun-related death hardly represents an anomalous occurrence deserving national attention. The visualizations below emphasize the differences in rates of firearm-related fatalities across race, gender, age, and other demographics. 


Gun-Related Death Rates by Race, Gender, & Age

Figure below shows the gun-related death rates for the African American and White male populations broken down by age groups, computed per 100,000. When considering Figure 1, a few notable patterns appear, consistent throughout the years. First, African American men in the age group 18 to 44 experience a death rate three to four times higher than that of White men. Beyond the age of 45 however, firearm death rates for Black males nearly equal those of Whites. Interestingly, firearm-related mortality rates for White males increase significantly in latter stages of life. 

(To see total fatality counts, click the “# of deaths” tab. To view statistics for females and previous years, adjust variables with the menu on the right of the graph.